Kaylin Yost was born in Olney, Maryland on February 4th, 1992.

When Kaylin was born, the doctors informed her parents she was born with dislocated hips. The doctors told her parents, she would never be able to walk, ride a bike, let alone be able to play golf. Kaylin was in a full body cast for 16 months and had two major hip operations. God created a miracle as Kaylin is walking and living life to the fullest.

At two years old, her parents found out she was hearing impaired in both ears. Kaylin has been wearing hearing aids ever since. Kaylin doesn't look at being hearing impaired as a disability but as a gift! 

Kaylin took up golf after her older brother, Alex and still to this day, he is her biggest competitor and rival. 

Kaylin attended Campbell University in August of 2010 and graduated May 2014. Throughout Kaylin's golf career at Campbell University, she won Big South Player of the Year in 2012 and 2014. Kaylin has four college career victories, (JMU Eagle Landing Invitation 12', Fighting Camel Classic '12, Fighting Camel Classic '13, and John Kirk Lady Panther Intercollegiate '14). 

Kaylin turned professional in July of 2014, and has been playing in Sun Coast, Symetra tour events, LPGA Monday qualifiers, and local professional events. Kaylin took a hiatus from golf in September of 2015 and didn't play for a half of a year. During that time, Kaylin worked full-time with a company called JetSmarter. It was during those months, Kaylin realized golf was her true calling and knew she belong on the golf course. Kaylin became the first gold medal winner in golf  this past summer in Samsun, Turkey for the 23rd Summer Deaflympics. Kaylin’s goal is to inspire others with hearing loss and reach the highest level of playing on the LPGA and traveling around the world for golf.